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Reduction of Costs

Commercial Contracts

From our experiences, we have compiled a database of more than 1000 life sciences commercial contracts (all negotiated by LSL attorneys) including manufacturing and supply agreements, distribution agreements, clinical trial and sponsored research agreements, and confidentiality and material transfer agreements. From this database, we have acquired an understanding of the best legal practices employed by life sciences firms, which allows us to benchmark a company's legal agreements against those of other companies in the life sciences sector, and quickly identify areas for improvement to avoid future liability. Our understanding of practices in the life sciences sectors also allows us to better understand the contracting process of companies operating in this industry, devise innovative solutions to reconcile differences, and reduce negotiation cycle times. We have completed agreements involving:
  • Academic institutions, such as The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the University of Oregon, Harvard University/Beth Israel, Johns Hopkins University, North Carolina State University, Aston University, Mayo Clinic, National Jewish Hospital, University of Florida, University of Washington Furlong, University of South Carolina, and the University of Michigan
  • Research entities, such as The Scripps Research Institute, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Institute Armand-Frappier, Cancer Research Center of Hawaii and TNO Research
  • Testing services companies, such as Charles River Laboratories, Ciron Laboratories, LabCorp, and Magellan Laboratories
  • Drug packaging and distribution companies, such as Dilan Packaging, CT Services, and Cardinal Health
  • Life Sciences oriented information technology service providers, such as Frost and Sullivan, Serentec, Inc., InfoStrength, Day and Zimmerman, and National Analyst
  • Large pharmaceutical companies, such as GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer Corporation, Amerisham, Roche, Pharmacia, and Baxter
  • Clinical research organizations, such as CATO Research, AAI International, PRA International, PPD, and Quintiles
  • Governmental bodies, such as National Institutes of Health and Health Canada

Standard Contract Development

For several of our clients, we have developed templates to standardize the contracting process and to reduce costs by giving business people the tools they need to expediently complete more routine business contracts without the extensive involvement of an attorney. Due to our vast experience in this area, we understand accepted industry practices and best legal standards. We can assist with the development of a wide range of template agreements including: clinical research agreements, materials transfer agreements, consulting agreements, testing services agreements, collaborative research and development agreements, evaluation agreements, outsourcing agreements, manufacturing agreements, distribution agreements, sponsored research agreements, technical validation agreements, facility construction agreements, invention assignment agreements, market research agreements, supply agreements, and confidential disclosure agreements.

Reengineering Purchasing

LSL has re-engineered the purchasing function to reduce overall costs by at least 10% and minimize risk arising from failure to supply. We implement a process that helps companies analyze how they produce products to lower costs, improve profits and enhance the supply chain. For more information about the LSL approach please see our brochure on Assessment and Renegotiation of Purchasing Agreements to Reduce Costs

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