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Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

Life Sciences Law represents public and private pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies in all forms of licensing, joint venture and strategic alliance agreements. Our experience also includes structuring collaborations that address the development, manufacturing and marketing of drugs and related products. We assist clients in constructing innovative arrangements while protecting intellectual property and confidential information necessary for future research and development. We understand that successful strategic alliances are based not only on contractual agreements, but also on strong, mutually beneficial relationships.

Some of our attorneys' recent transactions include:
  • Representing a German biologics company in a transaction with a Swiss pharmaceutical company for the development and manufacture of blood and plasma screening reagents
  • Representing a pharmaceutical company in an agreement for the manufacture of drugs by a U.S. contract manufacturer
  • Representing a pharmaceutical company in an agreement for the manufacture and distribution in specified territories by a South African pharmaceutical company
  • Representing a pharmaceutical company in an agreement for the manufacture of sterile syringes and other injection materials
  • Representing a multinational pharmaceutical company in various agreements to transfer drug production capabilities to contract manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada
  • Representing a biologics company in an agreement for the development of purifier equipment for use in its manufacturing processes
  • Representing a pharmaceutical company in a collaborative research and development agreement with a company specializing in vectors
  • Representing a biotech company in a research and development agreement for the production of recombinant laminins
  • Representing a virtual drug development company in an R&D agreement for the development and commercialization of monoclonal antibodies
  • Representing a German company and a West Coast biotechnology company in an agreement for the transfer of certain cell lines and the development and production of certain materials
  • Representing a U.S. biotechnology company in a co-development agreement with a large Japanese company
  • Representing an international pharmaceutical company in the establishment of distribution arrangements in China, Brazil and South America

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