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Community Involvement

At Life Sciences Law, our attorneys feel that it's important to contribute to the communities in which we operate. We contribute our time and resources to assist several non-profit organizations in the Research Triangle area. Some examples of ways in which our attorneys and staff contribute to our community include:
  • Founding FISH (Fostering Interest in Science and Healthcare), a non-profit which has as the objective to increase the interest of minority, women and economically disadvantaged high school students in pursuing careers in science and healthcare.

  • Founding and managing Funny Girl Ventures (which invests seed funding in early stage companies developing therapeutics and medical devices) to address orphan drug indications (affects less than 200,000 people in the US), and diseases primarily affecting women and children.

  • Funding and managing Novati Investments, LLC, which co-invests with venture funds in later stage companies.

  • Participating in the organizing committee of Springboard for the AllThingsLifeSciences 2009 Bootcamp program. Springboard coaches women entrepreneurs on how to raise capital.

  • Presenting for "Essential Skills for Success in Industry" Workshop sponsored by The Office of Postdoctoral Services at Duke, The Graduate School at Duke, and The School of Medicine Office of Graduate Education at UNC-CH.

  • Presenting in the Model Agreement Group Initiative (MAGI) 2009 East conference. This group provides education with respect to clinical trials agreements.

  • Founding the Mikhail Family Scholarship at ASU. The Mikhail family established a scholarship to enable selected Hispanic women to be able to attend Arizona State University.

  • Acting as an Executive-in-Residence in the TEC Program at NC State University to assist advanced degree students in the analysis, development and commercialization of technology created at the university and other area companies.

  • Participating in the Launching the Company program at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which assists professors and university researchers in spinning out their technologies into new companies.

  • Acting as an executive board member for CED's Outreach Program, which attempts to include underrepresented groups (including racial minorities and women) in CED's programs.

  • Acting as a committee member for CED's Healthcare Entrepreneurs' Technology Roundtable, which designs programs and presentations targeted to health care professionals.

  • Participating in the Duke Post-Doctoral services panel regarding "Essential Skills for Success in Industry". Discussed topics included lessons learned from our industry experience, while offering graduate and postdoc students our perspective on the keys to industry career success.
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